Link to Watch One Piece Episode 1075 English Sub on BStation One Piece anime episode 1075 with Indonesian subtitles will air on September 10 2023.

You can watch Luffy’s resurrection and the climactic moment of his victory over Kaido on the BStation streaming platform.

One Piece, an anime directed by Ryosuke Tanaka, is adapted from the famous manga of the same name by Eiichiro Oda.

The anime’s plot was written by Tomohiro Nakayama and the animation was produced by Toei Animation.

The One Piece anime first premiered on Fuji TV on October 20, 1999 and has since become one of the most popular anime and fan favorites.

The story follows the journey of the brave and brave Straw Hat pirate group, as they sail across the vast seas in search of the legendary treasure known as One Piece.

During their adventure in the country of Wano, Luffy and the Straw Hats faced many enemies and difficult obstacles.

With friendship and strong determination, they fight together as the Straw Hats, trying to achieve their dreams and become the King of the Pirates.

Synopsis of the Latest One Piece Anime Episode

Episode 1074 of the One Piece anime is a very important episode for many reasons. Apart from introducing a new opening theme to celebrate the end of the Wano arc, this episode also reveals Luffy’s best weapon.

Luffy continues to explore his new powers and looks for the right moment to defeat Kaido. He also uses the lightning that descends around him to launch a series of stunning attacks and further demonstrates Gear 5’s power to change reality around him.

In Episode 1074, Momonosuke’s determination becomes even stronger to save Wano from the clutches of Kaido and his allies. As Onigashima approaches the capital city of Wano, Momo continues to be pressured by Yamato to release a cloud of fire to stop the island’s fall.

Momo keeps saying she can’t but Yamato keeps forcing her because if she doesn’t then the people of the capital will die when Onigashima falls on her. In this confusion, Momo begins to have flashbacks of when he had to leave his mother in the midst of the fire and continue his father’s struggle to become a samurai leader.

On the other hand, Luffy and Kaido’s fight continues, while inside the castle, the samurai and other pirates can finally breathe a sigh of relief after the fire disappeared during the flood. The samurai realize that Onigashima will fall because Luffy can match Kaido. That’s when they thought it was better to die and Kaido lose than to live, but Luffy was the one who lost. The episode ends with Luffy growing his fist to an enormous size, even surpassing Onigashima’s, and preparing to throw a powerful punch at Kaido.

Luffy continues to persuade Momo, who is still not confident. He tells Momo that he trusts her. The threat of Onigashima’s fall to the Flower Capital becomes increasingly real while elsewhere, a burning Orochi escapes Seastone’s thorns and begins to threaten Hiyori. Watch the One Piece anime episode 1075 and reveal the contents of One Piece episode 1075 entitled “20 Years of Prayer! Reclaiming Wano Country”. Even though Luffy has a lot of trust in him, Momo still doubts whether he can keep Onigashima from danger.

The other warriors continue to fight while Oden’s followers remember the nightmare of 20 years ago. They remember not only failing to save Oden but also having to run to protect his family.

The flashback will also feature several Daimyo, one of whom is very similar to Zoro, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, Zoro’s uncle. This ultimately explains Zoro’s origins, as he comes from the Wano noble family.

The flashback then continues with the fall of Wano which thrived as its residents lived in hell under the tyranny of Orochi and Kaido. Finally, the flashback ends with the present-day Fire Festival, where one of the paper lanterns brings a child’s wish:
“Please make Orochi disappear.” Their wish came true when Luffy launched an attack called the “Bajrang Gun” – an attack so powerful that it defeated the Beast King, one of the strongest Yonko.

One Piece anime episode 1,075 with Indonesian subtitles can be watched on BStation on Sunday, September 10 2023 via the link below:

Watch One Piece Episode 1075 English Sub on BStation

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