The World’s 10 Best Freelance Platforms to Offer Your Services on the Internet – If you have a particular specialty or skills that you can offer online, then freelancing can be an interesting and lucrative career option.

You can work according to your own schedule, interests, and rates, without having to be bound by rules or restrictions from a company or organization.

However, to become a successful freelancer, you also need to know where and how you can find clients or projects that fit your field.

The following are the world’s 10 best freelance platforms that you can use to offer your services on the internet:


Upwork is one of the biggest and most popular freelance platforms in the world, which provides various job categories, from design, writing, marketing, web development, to accounting.

You can create your own profile, display your portfolio and testimonials, and submit proposals for projects of interest. Upwork also has an escrow feature which protects your payments from dishonest clients.


Fiverr is a unique freelance platform, in that you don’t have to submit a proposal for a project, but instead create an offer or gig explaining what you can do and what price you are asking for.

Fiverr has many job categories, including graphics, video, music, languages, business, and more. Fiverr also has a Fiverr Pro feature which allows you to get premium status and access to high quality projects. is a freelance platform that has been around since 2009 and has more than 50 million users worldwide. offers two ways to get a project, namely by entering a contest or by submitting an offer. also has a Milestone Payment feature which ensures that you will be paid according to your work.


Toptal is an exclusive and selective freelance platform, as it only accepts 3% of the freelancers who sign up. Toptal focuses on the areas of web development, design, finance and project management.

If you pass Toptal’s selection, you will get access to projects from well-known and prestigious clients, such as Airbnb, Shopify, Zendesk and others.


Guru is a freelance platform founded in 1998 and has more than 3 million users worldwide. Teachers provide various job categories, such as administration, engineering, law, education, art, and others.

Guru also has a SafePay feature which guarantees that your payment will be held in Guru’s account until you complete the job and get approval from the client.


PeoplePerHour is a freelance platform based in the UK and has over 2 million users worldwide. PeoplePerHour allows you to create an offer or hourlie that outlines what you can do in an hour and what price you’re asking for.

PeoplePerHour also has a WorkStream feature that makes it easier for you to communicate and collaborate with clients.


99designs is a freelance platform specifically for graphic design, such as logos, web, illustrations, business cards, t-shirts, and more.

99designs offers two ways to get projects, namely by entering contests or by becoming part of the designer directory.

99designs also features a Platinum Service that provides personalized and prioritized assistance to talented designers.


FlexJobs is a freelance platform that is different from others, because it provides not only freelance jobs, but also part-time, remote, and flexible jobs.

FlexJobs has more than 50 job categories, such as health, education, translation, research and more. FlexJobs also has a team that verifies every job posted, so you don’t have to worry about scams or lowballing.


Behance is a freelance platform that is part of Adobe and serves as a place to showcase your portfolio and work. Behance has many job categories, such as photography, animation, architecture, games and more. Behance also has a JobList feature that allows you to search and apply for jobs that match your field and location.


Dribbble is a freelance platform which is also a place to display your portfolio and works, especially those related to web design, UI/UX, illustration, branding, and others.

Dribbble has a Jobs feature that allows you to search and apply for jobs offered by well-known companies, such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and others.

Those are the 10 best freelance platforms in the world that you can use to offer your services on the internet. Hopefully this article is useful and helps you to become a successful and professional freelancer.

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